McDonald's is hiring in Sheffield - and this is what you could be asked at an interview

McDonald's in Meadowhall
McDonald's in Meadowhall
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There are quite a few McDonald's restaurants knocking around in Sheffield so there's usually a job or two going.

Thousands of people head to the fast-food restaurant in Sheffield every day and its popularity shows no signs of slowing down.

Sheffield clearly loves a Big Mac or a McFlurry as it's rare to find a store with no queuing customers already inside.

So, with so many hungry customers wanting their fix of Maccy D's, it's no surprise that they need an awful lot of staff to keep things running smoothly.

The fast food giant employs hundreds of staff across Sheffield and there's still jobs being advertised with them on Indeed right now.

If you do fancy getting a job in McDonald's, it's always good to be prepared for the interview.

Thankfully, Indeed has listed some questions that you can expect.

On the website's Frequently Asked Questions section, one person asked 'What interview questions do they ask at McDonald's?'

One person replied with a long list of questions they could remember from their interview.

These included:

- What is respect?

- Who do you respect?

- Tell me about a positive work experience?

- Tell me about a difficult experience and how you overcame it?

- If you were a brand what would you be (like a shop) and why?

- How long do you think you’d work there for?

- What are your career goals?

Others said that they were asked 'what does customer service mean to you?' while others were asked what type of work they have done in the past.

'Why do you want to work at McDonald's?' was a popular question as was why they should hire you, the hours you can work and if you're good at Maths.

Another person wrote: "What skills can you bring to the job? Do you have any activities outside of school/work that may prevent you from working certain days? What is your dream job? Why do you believe you will be a good member in McDonalds? Can you travel to work okay?

"Majority of questions are about yourself. They want to get to know you as a person and hear your passions and strength. You may also be required to to an OJ test on your interview which is just a trial test on the floor. But it doesn't always happen. You will find out that day/night or the day after by text/email."