McCartney keeps it real

Paul McCartneyPaul McCartney
Paul McCartney
Shock horror, Paul McCartney is spotted sitting on a train in the second class carriage.

He may be worth 780 million quid but he’s keeping it real sitting among the normal folks.

Just because these people are worth all that money, are they not allowed to make the journey on transport that only the poorer people can afford?

Jayne Grayson

by email

Amey and excuses

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The recent articles regards potholes and the quality of resurfacing to our roads only highlights Amey are not carrying out the work correctly.

Amey quote, March 28, ‘we will be rebuilding the failed substructure with traditional compacted hardcore’ begs the question, why not do it in the first place?

The answer is cost, as has been proved in many other roads actually breaking up and failing after work - far more than the spokesperson would have us believe a ‘fraction is’!

One of many is Walkley Lane up to Crookes, which is nearly as bad as before any works were done. Has anything been mentioned about the re-painting of the white lines now gone? Check Stannington Road out!

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Sheffield Council should be honest with everyone about the continual problems around this contractor and its quality of work.

M Eastman

Sheffield, S6

More tar on road surfaces

If they actually put some tar on the road they would probably last longer instead of the miserly 20-25mm, but then if they did that then their work would probably dry up.

Stephen Hall

by email

Green space development

Over the last few years many former school playing fields and other open green sites have been built upon. This represents an important loss of recreational green space for Sheffield’s communities.

Many of these sites were, originally council owned. Permission to develop such sites appears to be granted in a straightforward manner. Examples include:

Abbeydale Tennis Club (15/03543/REM; Private site).

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Abbeydale Grange School, Hastings Road (58 houses; October 2015 ; 15/03543/REM).

Fir Vale School Playing Fields on Earl Marshall Road/ Barnsley Road. (59 houses, March 2015; REF 15/00659/FUL),

Greaves Lane, Stannington (39 homes; September 2017; 17/0711/FUL).

King Ecgbert’s School, Furniss Avenue (58 houses; May 2015; 15/01504/FUL).

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Park Grange: Cardock Road/ City Road. (96 houses; November 2016; REF 16/04516/FUL).

Parson Cross College: (79 houses; August 2016; REF: 16/03038/FUL).

Westfield School: (150 houses; August 2011; 16/00375/FUL).

There are many small areas of derelict land around the city more suitable for development. Use of such unused sites would reduce the pressure to develop further sports grounds and fields. However, small developers wishing to slot houses onto such derelict land encounter problems overcoming the ‘Sheffield Development Framework’, also known as the ‘Local Plan’. This document details which types of development proceed in specific parts of the city. However, often the rigidity of the plan means development in suitable places is hindered. A level playing field for all could ensure that precious green space in the city is preserved and derelict unsightly areas utilised to their full.

A new version of the ‘Sheffield Plan’ is currently being drafted to direct development until 2034. Those with an interest in development should examine this plan carefully when it is published this spring. Are more playing fields and school sites being developed?

Mark Walker

Coal Aston, Sheffield, S18

Upcoming elections

At last! Sheffield Council pause tree felling.

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Apparently just temporary you understand because of criticism.

Haven’t they had criticism for the last few years on this and other subjects?

Of course it’s nothing to do with upcoming local elections in May, is it?

Of course not.

Nothing to do with me though guv, I come from happy Barnsley.

Terry Palmer

South Lea Avenue , Hoyland, Barnsley, S74

Cynical tree felling pause

Pause to tree felling

I heard today that there’s going to be a tree-felling pause

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After all these sad and sorry months, what could be the cause?

“It could be a change of heart at last”, I heard someone naively say

Well, call me an old cynic but I think it’s cos it’s getting close to 3rd May!


Tree supporter

Tactics are heavy handed

The counsel of wisdom is to negotiate, not to use heavy handed tactics to impose challenged policies.

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How will history judge these tactics and the people who drove them through?

Jennie Street

by email

Spring is upon us

Forget the Beast from The East (no it’s not Mr Putin), it’s Spring.

Spring time for the site of Sheffield Castle, the Peoples Castle.

As Simon Says ‘we aren’t digging up Camelot’ but it will be a start.

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Here’s to the university, Sheffield City Council, the Friends Of Sheffield Castle et al and especially the great Sheffield public and the heritage community.

So I’m back in the lists and looking forward (I need to after this dire season at SWFC). Get ‘em on Bradfield Moors like we used to).

Ron Clayton