Mayor critical as Miliband backs library closure protest

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MAYOR of Doncaster Peter Davies has hit back at MP Ed Miliband’s criticisms of Doncaster’s planned libraries cuts.

Mr Miliband, who is backing protesters who are fighting the planned closures, said he was adding his support for the campaign to keep 14 libraries initially named on a list of threatened closures.

He said they were an essential part of the community in Doncaster.

But Mr Davies said: “The real culprits for the closures are Mr Miliband et al whose Labour Government got us in the mess the country is in.

“He is jumping on the bandwagon without recognising the part his party has played in the mess we are in.

“The decision has been made that 12 libraries will stay open and be improved to make them more attractive to get more people in them. Central Library, for instance, has been neglected over the years.

“We will keep as many open as possible, working with the community. But we already have too many libraries in the borough. There are certainly some libraries where no-one has come forward as a community saying they are interested in keeping them open.”

Mr Miliband is due to meet campaigners from pressure group Save Doncaster’s Libraries next month. The campaigners have collected 26,000 names on a petition.