Mayor concern over sex offender move

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MORe than 300 sex offenders are reported to have been moved into one of Doncaster’s prisons, sparking concerns for the community.

Mayor Peter Davies has described the reported move of 325 sex offenders into Moorland Prison on the edge of town as ‘disgraceful and outrageous’ and has raised concerns they may stay in Doncaster after their release.

The Ministry of Justice has said it expects most inmates to return to their home towns.

But Mr Davies says many ex-offenders stay in Doncaster after they leave prisons in the borough, and is concerned that could leave Doncaster with more sex offenders in its population than other areas.

The offenders have been moved to Moorland over the last three months, he said.

Mr Davies said: “At some point in the future, they are going to be released into Doncaster. I know for a fact that when they’re released here, Doncaster has four prisons, that when prisoners are released here, they don’t often go home. They stay here.

“It is not acceptable in Doncaster and it wouldn’t be acceptable in any other town in England.”

But Rick Midgley, the Prison Officers Association branch secretary at Moorland, said he thought Mr Davies was scare-mongering.

He said when prisoners where released they had to live under strict supervision and on licensing conditions.

Andrew Neilson, of the Howard League for Penal Reform, said prisoners were usually moved to prisons closer to where they came from originally before they were released.

An MoJ Spokesperson said: “HMP Moorland is a closed prison designed to hold and rehabilitate offenders in secure conditions.

“Having served their sentences, the vast majority of prisoners released from any establishment would return to their home towns.”