Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner

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I would prefer not to write this letter, but my feelings make it a must.

Not long ago I was a patient in the Royal Hospital at Chesterfield. Unfortunately for me, a father and visiting son from Sheffield were also on the same ward as me. They were both badly insulting about London and London people, I found this more distressing than usual, because I am over 100 years old and suffer with a very dangerous heart condition.

I am a London born man, having lived in Derbyshire in Chesterfield for 52 years, and met with this situation before. I even worked in Sheffield for three years. The two men I have mentioned above came from the Killamarsh area. What is the problem with some of the Sheffield people and London?

They actually do not know anything whatever about ordinary working class Londoners and the area they live in, and never have, for the simple reason people from the North and Midland area of England only visit spots of general interest to the public, either in the West End or central city part of London.

I am proud of the fact to mention I am an ex London policeman at the original Scotland Yard in London, an ex London tram driver, an ex army man with a rank, a D/Day Normandy veteran with the high honour the French government have bestowed on us chaps.

Some of the Sheffield people who have these views and make these remarks about London and Londoners should think about getting their facts right and also have a damn good look at themselves and their neighbours.

Mr H Elliott