Maybe alcoholic Beverley’s life has not been wasted

Beverley Pickorer
Beverley Pickorer
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When Beverley Pickora looked like this, she was 27 and already an alcoholic, Within eight years, she would have four children in care, liver cirrhosis and be at death’s door.

She either didn’t realise, or couldn’t help herself. The most recent picture of her ran on our front page on Monday, a shocking portrait of alcoholism.

Her partner Anthony had contacted us in a bid to help her die at home. It’s unlikely the NHS can help. Care at home is costly. Many terminally-ill are in the same plight.

But Beverley has unwittingly done an important thing in her dying days. She’s become a brutal reality-check. The city’s Alcohol Support Service is getting calls from people identifying with her story. Alcohol has wasted her life, but if one person gets help, that life has not been in vain.