Mature tree felling along Rustlings Rd campaign

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I would like to add my support to the campaign to protect the 12 mature trees planned for felling on Rustlings Road (Jenny Hockey’s letter of May 28 “Disgusted to lose beloved trees” and Freda Brayshaw’s letter of May 29 “ Why doesn’t our opinion count?”).

I’ve walked the road and looked at all the trees with felling notices and find it incredible that felling is the only solution that Amey can come up with for what, to me, looks like rather minor disturbances in the pavement levels and the position of some roadside kerbstones.

I would have thought a few minor alterations and/or the use of narrow kerbing would remove the need to touch most of the trees.

More than 1,000 people have signed up to the online petition so far.

If you feel strongly about the trees and our local street scene then add your name to the petition – this can be found at – there’s no time to lose as tree felling is planned to start on Monday, June 8.

And I’m sure that there used to be many more trees on Rustlings Road – perhaps it’s time that Amey/Sheffield City Council replace some or all of the other trees that have been removed over the past few years before they fell any more.

R Bramall