Masts Protest: List of planned sites

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PLANNED sites for Vodafone/O2 masts in the Sheffield area are as follows.


Yew Lane, Ecclesfield S5 9AL

Prince Of Wales Road, Manor S2 1FH

Hemsworth Road, Norton Lees S8 8LL

Millhouses Lane / Button Hill, Millhouses S11 9HL

Norton Avenue, Gleadless S12 2LA

Richmond Road, Handsworth S13 8TB

Causeway Head Road, Dore S17 3DR


East Bank Road, Lowfield S2 3PS

Queens Road, Highfield S2 4DH

Manor Laith Road, Skye Edge S2 5HD

Southend Road, Manor Park S2 5FR

Duke Street, Park Hill S2 5QA

Weston Street, Netherthorpe S3 7NQ

Hanover Way, Broomhall S3 7UF

Mowbray Street / Pitsmoor Road, Burngreave S3 8EN

Verdon Street, Burngreave S3 9QJ

Barnsley Road, Longley S5 6QU

Shirecliffe Road, Firshill S5 8XB

Holme Lane, Hillsborough, S6 4JQ

Abbeydale Road South, Millhouses S7 2QR

Greenhill Parkway, Greenhill S8 7JP

Hutcliffe Wood Road, Beauchief S8 0EX

Bochum Parkway, Meadowhead S8 8JR

Meadowhall Drive / Meadowhall Way, Meadowhall S9 1EA

Northfield Road, Crookes S10 1QQ

Crookes Valley Road, Crookesmoor S10 1BA

Washington Road / Sharrow Lane, Sharrow, S11 8AE

Richmond Road, Richmond S13 8LX

Spotswood Mount / Leighton Road, Rollestone S14 1LG


Sylvester Street, city centre S1 4RL

Paternoster Row, city centre, S1 2BX

Furnival Gate, city centre, S1 4QP

Regent Street, city centre, S1 4DP

Sylvester Street, city centre S1 4SQ

Fountain Precinct, Balm Green S1 2JA

Parkway Industrial Estate, Nunnery Square S2 1TA

Queens Road, Lowfield S2 4EP

Shrewsbury Road, Park Hill S2 2TF

Herries Road, Shirecliffe, S5 7JT

Burton Street, Hillsborough S6 2HH

Lock Lane, Tinsley S9 1RR

Liverpool Street, Attercliffe S9 2LQ

Greenland, Darnall S9 5EB

Prince of Wales Road, Darnall S9 4ER

Quarry Road, Handsworth S9 4AJ

Shrewsbury Road, Sandygate S10 3AZ

Sackville Road, Crookes S10 1GZ

Ecclesall Road, Broomhall S11 8PE

Ecclesall Road, Sharrow S11 8HG

Thompson Hill, High Green S35 4JT

Oak Lodge Road, Chapeltown S35 4QB

The addresses of seven additional sites have not been revealed


South Street, Norfolk Park S2 5UA

Orchard Road / Highton Street, S6 3TS

Pond Road, Stannington S6 6DP

Winchester Road, Fulwood S10 4EE

Redmires Road, Sandygate S10 4LA

Osborne Road, Nether Edge S11 9AY

Banner Cross Hall / Ecclesall Road South, Banner Cross S11 9PA