Massive backing for Sid the Owl’s camapign

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Owls: Sheffield Wednesday news, reports and more with The Star.
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HUNDREDS of football fans have supported The Star-backed Give Sid The Ball campaign.

The campaign was started by Owls fan Darryl Hancock who created a Facebook group after reading Kevin Taylor’s story in The Star.

Now hundreds of fans have signed up to the campaign for Owls fan Kevin - known on the terraces as Sid - to present the match ball to the teams in the Steel City derby next season.

Sid, aged 51, is battling back from terrible brain injuries he suffered when he was attacked by a thug as he made his way home following last season’s game in Hartlepool.

Hooligan Paul Bennet was jailed for three years for the unprovoked attack.

Sid, of Swinton, Rotherham, is being treated at a specialist hospital in Chester but has vowed to be well enough to attend next season’s Sheffield derby.

And Darryl, who works for a buildings solutions firm of experts in Dronfield, was so moved by his story he set up the group calling for Sid to be allowed to carry the ball out and present it to the teams before kick off.

Darryl, who posts as Newbold Owl on the Owlstalk website fans forum, said: “I just thought that despite the banter between Blades and Owls we all share one thing in common. We’re all Sheffielders and football fans.

“I thought it would be nice to do something for the ordinary man so I set up Give Sid the ball on Facebook and within 1 hour it had 70 votes.

“I’m proud to be a Sheffield lad today. Thanks to all Owls, Blades and other football colours who are behind this.”

Neville Wright wrote: “Right behind this, Give Sid the Ball. And Sid, get well soon.”

Antony Brown said: “Give him the blooming ball for the game. It is the right thing to do and shows him the family he belongs to.”

Jill Eason Wade wrote: “Get well soon and so pleased Sheffield supporters can come together at a time like this.”

n To back the campaign email with Give Sid The Ball in the subject field.