Masked gunman with silencer murdered my friend, says survivor of Derek Dooley Way shooting

Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
Jordan Thomas, aged 22, died as a result of gunshot injuries
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The survivor of a double shooting has described the moment a masked gunman using a silencer murdered his best friend.

Neshaun Ferguson, who was injured in the attack that killed Jordan Thomas on Sunday, December 21, last year, relived the shooting at Sheffield Crown Court yesterday.

The scene of the shooting

The scene of the shooting

Mr Ferguson was driving a Ford Mondeo when it stopped at traffic lights on Derek Dooley Way at the turning with Sheffield Parkway, with Jordan as his passenger.

An unknown gunman got out of a Mitsubishi Shogun behind that had been following them, walked up to the passenger’s side window and fired three shots - two hitting Jordan in the chest and one Mr Ferguson in his side.

In a video interview played to the jury, Mr Ferguson said the gunman had his hood around his face with the strings pulled tight, with a type of ski mask or balaclava covering the lower part of his face up to the eyes.

“He didn’t say anything,” Mr Ferguson said.

“I swear the gun had a silencer on it. It was ‘tap, tap, tap’. I think it did smash - there were holes in the window.

“I didn’t know what it was at first - ‘tap, tap, tap’.

“I seen this guy. He was just stood there. I tried to drive off and he just disappeared.”

When he was later cross-examined in court, Mr Ferguson said he could not be sure of the identity of the shooter.

Speaking from behind a screen, he said that he had only seen the man for a ‘couple of seconds’.

It is alleged Jordan was killed in a ‘planned attack’ as part of a long-running feud between ‘rival groups’ of young men involving Somalians living in the Broomhall area and young men from Pitsmoor and Burngreave.

The prosecution have previously said they cannot prove the identity of the shooter.

Jama Ahmed, 26, and Asif Yousaf, 33, both deny playing a part in the murder.

Mr Ferguson said there had been a fight outside the Forward nightclub between the two groups two days before the murder, with one of the Somalian group dropping their mobile phone.

He said a member of the Pitsmoor group who was not Jordan made phone calls to numbers on it to the other group saying ‘1-0 to us’ in reference to the death of Mubarak Ali in 2011, who was killed by Jordan’s cousin James Knowles.

Mr Ferguson said he had picked Jordan up at 5am on Saturday morning and he had been ‘kind of panicking’ and appeared scared as the Somalian group wrongly thought he had been the person making the calls.

He said that later that day, Jordan told him he was going to spend the night in Birmingham as he had been told that ‘the Broomhallers came up looking for him and had put a gun in someone’s face’ close to his family home on De La Salle Drive in Burngreave.

On the Sunday, Mr Ferguson went to Birmingham to pick Jordan up and said he was ‘more of his normal self’.

After bringing him back to Sheffield, they drove around a number of locations, meeting people Mr Ferguson said were Jordan’s ‘friends’ but he did not know.

After being told the police had evidence that Jordan was involved in drug dealing, Mr Ferguson said he would ‘rather not talk about it’.

He said: “I don’t think anything that happened whether we were dealing or not dealing had anything to do with someone putting a gun through the window and shooting him.”

He said at their final stop at a place called Barry’s off Gower Street in Burngreave, Jordan had run in and run out within 10 seconds and then pulled his hood over his head and leant his seat back.

Mr Ferguson said he ‘didn’t nothing of it’ at the time and thought Jordan was tired.

They drove towards the Parkway to take Jordan to his grandmother’s house, stopping at the traffic lights on Derek Dooley at 10.11pm, when the shooting then took place.

Ahmed, of Broomhall Place, and Yousaf, of Violet Bank Road, both deny murdering Jordan Thomas and attempting to murder Neshaun Ferguson.

Yousaf’s parents, Mohammed Yousaf, 61, and Tazeem Bi, 57, also both of Violet Bank Road, both deny attempting to pervert the course of justice.