Mary out in the cold over freezer failure

Mary Clarkson who says Argos are not replacing her broken freezer quick enough
Mary Clarkson who says Argos are not replacing her broken freezer quick enough
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Mary Clarkson had her new chest freezer just four days before it broke. Annoyingly, she had just filled it with £115 worth of food which was completely ruined and had to be thrown away.

She complained and Argos sent an engineer out who told her the freezer’s thermostat was faulty.

Mary returned to the Argos store, on Angel Street, in the city centre, where staff agreed she could exchange the item – which she had paid £108 for including delivery.

She was told her new freezer would arrive at her home in Wybourn, Sheffield, on October 15, but on October 13 she received a call to say it would not be delivered when she had been told.

Instead, it would arrive on Tuesday, October 21 – meaning Mary had been without a working freezer for more than three weeks.

Compensation for the ruined food seemed out of the question, with Argos staff asking for receipts which Mary had thrown away because she paid cash at the supermarket.

She told Action Desk: “I seem to be getting nowhere with them.

“Who keeps their receipts for food, especially when they’ve paid cash? They don’t seem bothered that they delayed the delivery and haven’t offered to compensate me in any way.”


Another result for Action Desk. Mary not only got an upgraded freezer, but was compensated for the food she had to throw away.

An Argos spokesman said: “Argos would like to sincerely apologise to Ms Clarkson for the problems she has encountered with her freezer.

“A new freezer has now been delivered to Ms Clarkson’s home, which we have upgraded as a gesture of goodwill, and we have also compensated the customer for the loss of food.”