Martin Smith got it wrong

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I’VE always admired the professionalism of Martin Smith. His articles were great and I often thought: “You’re right there Martin.”

But his article and praise for working class MPs was appalling. Did we sense a little envy among his lustrous words? He thought Cameron and Osborne too posh for us. I, for one, think they have a mountain to climb because of the slippery shale left by Labour in the 13 years it took to destroy our country.

They could have entered the family business, lived like lords and avoided the hassle and insults that comes with the territory of being MPs.

We now have MPs who know how to run a business. They won’t leave it to the civil servants, like Labour did.

He glorified ex-union leaders. The union master of postmen who, as Shadow Chancellor, admitted he knew nothing about finances? Didn’t know his percentages and, though he probably is a nice guy, is not fit for purpose.

Shop steward on ferries, who reached the pinnacle of Government, John Prescott will always be remembered for his buffoonery and clangers.

Most of the expenses fraud came from so-called working class MPs, some very close to home. Mr and Mrs Balls, Alistair Campbell, Tony and Cherie Blair, Gordon Brown, to name but a few of the Labour hierarchy, who are now millionaires.

Don’t forget uncouth union barons on £160,000 salaries, paid from honest working men’s donations.

All we hear from Labour in Sheffield is the poor will suffer and deprived areas will lose out. If Labour do have favoured areas, and I believe it to be true, then what else has happened in those areas? Nothing.

That either means the councillors don’t know what to do, or most of the people in these areas are content to live on benefits, not work, and vote for the people who allow them to live off the fat of the land without lifting a finger.

Sorry, Martin, while I still think you’re good, on this you are wrong.

CM, Sheffield