Martin Smith column: Happiness back for Sheffield Wednesday and Rotherham United

HAPPINESS: is a win over Leeds United.
HAPPINESS: is a win over Leeds United.
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The best way to get over a derby defeat?

Win a derby.

Easy said and fairly easily done by Wednesday who dulled the residual pain from the United defeat with a 3-0 spanking of Leeds.

Not quite the same but enough to put a smile back on Wednesdayite faces - not as big as the smile still on United faces - but they’re on the way back. Swings and roundabouts.

n So who’s a silly boy, then? Sorry, wrong question. So who looks a bit of a thug if CCTV evidence is to be believed, then?

Ben Stokes is in deep if video footage of what appears to be him pasting two blokes outside a Bristol nightclub is genuine.

The England cricket camp appear to think it is. They’ve suspended him - so he might miss the Ashes tour.

We don’t know what motivated the inspirational all-rounder, he might well have been responding to an attack.

But how could he be so dim?

The potential pinnacle of his career is just a few weeks away, he’s brilliant, brash and could make all the difference in Australia. Now he’s facing possible court action, merciless sledging from Aussie players desperate to get under his skin and guaranteed abuse from fans.

And now the cretins who get their kicks spreading poison on social media are into his ribs who knows where it will end?

International sportsmen and women cannot behave like normal people on a night out never mind behave like street fighters.

If Stokes didn’t know that already, he does now.

n You have to admire the Millers and their cigar-chomping chairman Tony Stewart.

Full of pride in his home town Stewart took Rotherham from crumbling old-world Millmoor to stunning New York Stadium and hired the men who got them to the Championship. Last season’s dreadful run and managerial casualties saw them drop down a division.

But Stewart stuck with Millers-mad Paul Warne and things look to be turning round.

Off the field the club is submitting plans to create a hotel and leisure centre in the Guest and Chrimes building standing empty alongside New York Stadium. Stewart saw its potential five years ago and now it’s set to be realised.

‘You’re just a small town in Sheffield’ goes the big-city jibe. But Rotherham’s dynamism and ambition is making other clubs look a little slow off the mark.