Married life gets off to tuneful start

Robert Quinney in Westminster Abbey
Robert Quinney in Westminster Abbey
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PROUD Sheffield parents David and Lynne Quinney were just yards away from all the action as Prince William married Kate amidst the historic grandeur of Westminster Abbey - but had to watch the whole event on TV!

The couple’s son Robert played a key part in the service, playing the organ during and after the service seen worldwide by two billion people.

And David and Lynne had their own part to play on the big day - babysitting Robert and wife Cecilia’s two young children Beatrice, six, and Alexander, who turned four the day after the ceremony.

“Robert lives in the cloisters next to the Abbey and that’s where we were with the children,” explained Lynne from the family home in Bents Green.

“In there it was remarkably quiet - you would hardly have known something so big was going on. There was very high security when we arrived, there was a heavy police presence and helicopters circling overhead, but once we were inside the Abbey precincts, we didn’t come out until after the wedding was over.”

Lynne said Robert was excited about the event but beforehand had been very calm and collected about it all.

“After all as sub-organist it’s his job - he plays in the Abbey every day and has played at some big services before which have been attended by members of the Royal Family,” she said.

David and Lynne finally managed to get a peek inside the Abbey at around 3pm, before attending a party in the cloisters in the evening.

“There was an overwhelming smell in the air of Lily of the Valley, which came from all the blooms surrounding the trees which had been installed for the occasion,” she said. “The children were fascinated by it all - they finally realised what it is their daddy does!”