Marriage? The future isn’t golden

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Will the golden wedding anniversary become defunct? Are we to expect a glut of hostess trolleys and carriage clocks?

The latest trend among sixtysomethings is to bin the spouse. The number of divorces in the UK has actually tumbled, but among the over sixties it’s at an all-time high.

Retirement sparks ‘silver splitter divorces’ like Jane Fonda’s, who got her last decree at 63. Ageing couples with better health and finances than ever before suddenly think; I reckon I’ve another two decades, do I REALLY want to spend them with old misery-guts? Some may be justified in jumping ship. But there’s also a surge in men ditching loyal but lined wives in favour of peachy 40-year-olds. Only one thing for their rejects to do, then; turn into cougars and hunt spare 40-year-old men.