Market heritage?

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If it had come from anyone else, the tone of Ron Clayton’s reply to Judd Newton’s thoughtful letter about the city’s architecture would have been simply hard to swallow.

Coming from “Mr Heritage”, it induces both dyspepsia and flatulence.

What exactly is the Markets Heritage Centre he writes about?

Are we supposed to accept this as a substitute for the demolished market buildings?

He appears to prefer the relic to the reality; the dead to the quick.

The Big Gun is not an opportunity for a convivial pint, but rather a potential site for archaeological excavation.

He says he has raised certain matters with the Council and the “University”. There are, in fact, now two universities in Sheffield but, as someone living contentedly in the past, he has probably failed to register that.

His comments about the Wicker are preposterous. It was, at one time – as Judd Newton said – one of the liveliest parts of Sheffield with its numerous pubs, fishing tackle shops, cinema, chemists, bookshop and restaurants.

It now feels like a museum piece.

Paul Kenny