Marathon in memory of father

A Sheffield runner is set to take on the London Marathon in a bid to raise cash in memory of his father.

Monday, 4th February 2019, 12:20 pm
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 16:28 pm
Runner John Offord

This will be the second time John Offord has taken on a running challenge to raise money in memory of his family.

Mr Offord completed the Sheffield half marathon last year in memory of his brother Anthony who died after collapsing in a flat as a paramedic waited outside.

Mr Offord said: “I’m incredibly delighted to announce that I’ve been offered a charity place to run in this year’s London Marathon, having being turned down in the ballot last year I can’t describe how happy I am right now and what this means to me!

“I became obsessed with running ever since taking part in my first half marathon in Sheffield last year where I ran in memory of my brother, Anthony and managed to raise over £4000 for the mental health charity, Mind. I’m still overwhelmed with that response and will never forget it.

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“It will be my first ever marathon and I’ll be running in memory of my father this time, who also passed away in 2013 and for the charity Livability which works towards a society where disabled and disadvantaged people can live life to the full.”

Flourish is a wellbeing and horticultural therapy project.

Mr Offord added: “It was six years ago that my dad was diagnosed with terminal cancer and was told he had 4 weeks left to live. My brother, Anthony who had a mental illness took it particularly badly and ended up collapsing at a friends flat a few weeks later.

“A mix up by Yorkshire Ambulance Service meant my brother didn’t get immediate medical attention. Despite the doctor saying in early February that my father only had 4 weeks left to live, he remained alive until the 8th May  - the day of my brothers funeral. I find this a truly powerful testament of the human spirit.”