Marathon caused more traffic chaos and ecological damage

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Chesterfield Marathon hailed “A great success” but at what cost? Unbelievable and utter chaos for traffic in and around the marathon route - the signage was terrible.

The money wasted on fuel, the ecological damage as cars, engines running, went nowhere, the frustration caused to parents and children who could not travel. Why should we be stopped from going about our lawful business? ‘Kettled’ in our own homes and if we managed to get out unable to regain entry.

A shocking lack of understanding shown by organisers and officials as to traffic flows through Chesterfield, it being a ‘through route’ and therefore affecting innocent drivers just passing through.

The selfishness and incompetence shown by the route organisers stopping ordinary people from getting out to go to church, visit relatives, go shopping, go to work, holiday, hospital?

Marshals who were instructing drivers and riders to shuttle back and forth between them - no way out!

Many marshals were not local and had no idea of how to guide and help local traffic, they did not have route maps. I have not been this angry for a very long time!

I even heavily sponsored a runner and have no problem with the aims or motive or motivation - but what a cost - unacceptable!

Whoever organised this marathon and those parties that agreed to the procedures and routes - shame on you! And this weekend Sheffield will shut for their marathon. Is this just a new industry, to see to how many towns and cities you can bring chaos?

Philip Spackman

by email