Man's best friend

I was very sorry to read about David Blunkett losing his '˜lovable and endearing' guide dog Cosby, who had been his faithful companion for six years. (Star, November 16).

Thursday, 23rd November 2017, 5:14 am
Updated Tuesday, 12th December 2017, 12:01 pm
Cosby and David Blunkett
Cosby and David Blunkett

You do not have to ask those who have lost dear friends and family members to forgive you David for talking so emotionally about the death of your beloved animal. For all animal lovers keeping a pet is very rewarding not only for themselves but also the pet in question.

There is an old saying that ‘a dog is a man’s best friend’ This is very true when providing love and affection for each other. A loved dog will return that love and not stab you in the back like some humans would! David has not only been reliant on Cosby for help in getting about and doing things that only a guide dog can do to help his master - he has also built up a loving relationship with his friend. My family also had a pet dog which we called ‘Gyp’ He was a Heinz 57 variety with some Bearded Collie in him! He was as ‘soft as a brush’ and our pet rabbit Sooty used to chase him around the house. We had Gyp for 16 years and when he became progressively unable to live a pain free life, our vet said it would be kind to him to put him to sleep - we all wept when this happened.

For many elderly and single people a pet is their only ‘family’ - to lose your friend and partner after sharing many happy years together is just as heartbreaking to them as losing a human relative. Rest in peace Cosby, Gyp and all our dear departed animal friends.

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Cyril Olsen

Busk Meadow, Sheffield, S5

Witch-hunts or justice?

I feel I must reply to David Tyldsley about the witch-hunts. Maybe the people going to the media about getting justice for “sexual abuse” or such feel that that is the only way to get justice.

Maybe we should have told the young women in Rotherham that it would be quicker to do that, as it seems South Yorkshire Police has got a very big carpet and a large sweeping brush.

PH Siddall


It’s getting out of hand

Seems the people that have accusations levelled at them are being judged by the media, some really deserve to be prosecuted but some of the so called inappropriate behaviour is just unbelievable.

Before anyone grabs a quill to answer, just look at what we have on our screens, the awful, I’m a Celebrity, shows women getting a so called shower with the cameras picking up every provocative move, now you tell me that’s ok because it’s not, it cheapens women on a grand scale.

Everything should be put into perspective, it won’t be long before the PC brigade will want all public transport to be run in a segregated way, men only or women only.

It’s getting out of hand I’m afraid.

Green Giant

by email

Owls ban on bags

Here we go again at Hillsborough. Not long ago this ban was lifted, but now it is back on. It is not about fan safety, it is about taking your own food and drink in so they can make more money out of the fans.

It was on the Tv that Wednesday is one of the most expensive clubs to go and see a match, we pay about £150 more for a season ticket than some Premier clubs, away fans will not come because it is to expensive.

You should drop your price system, don’t you think it is better having bums on seats than empty seats, so bring your prices down.

I bet they will not ban bringing your wallet in?

Philip Ellin

by email

What a dump!

Well done RG, I was beginning to think that I was the only one who cared about the old buildings! It seems like Sheffield Council doesn’t!

I have mentioned in an earlier letter to The Star,that Bradford and Keighley have protected their old buildings, it is a treat to walk around those towns just to see them. They still have very good city shopping centres, but not the eyesore that Sheffield now is! What a dump! No character, just soulless brick monstrosities . (I won’t even mention the beautiful trees they felled!)

Maureen Keeton

by email

Let me know

I would love to hear from anyone with any memories or photos of the business Thomas Rudd and Sons, Scissor Makers and Cutlers, Sheffield, or anyone who remembers any of the family, for a book I am writing on the Rudds. Even small pieces of information greatly appreciated.

Please contact [email protected]

Jeny Rudd O’Neill

by email

Waiting for benefits

I write on behalf of those waiting for benefits to be paid since the introduction of Universal Credit.

I have to say I have not just been waiting weeks or months.

I was born with a Sprengel Shoulder in 1960. I went to mainstream school and left in 1976.

Then you had welfare officers and I got my first job later that year, working on moving huge hosiery boxes of yarn.

I was made to register disabled, so I have been waiting 41 years to be paid benefits.

I have written to the Prime Minister but have got nowhere.

Just as well I have worked while waiting, otherwise, I would have nothing.

G Horton


Does this deserve CBE?

I noted with interest your report that a former Sheffield student has been awarded a CBE for becoming the Britain’s highest earning woman.

She was paid £200 million as one of Britain’s biggest bookmakers.

Gamblers who pride themselves on studying the odds need to look at these figures and recognise where their money is going. The company’s half a billion pound profit is from their own pockets and would be better spent at home.

How personal gain of this nature deserves a CBE is anyone’s guess.


by email

Bring back Gloops Club

The last time I contacted Sheffield Star was to ask Aunt Edith to enrol me in the Gloops Club.

I have been away from Sheffield for 30 odd years but am now back to the city where I was born.

My question or ‘plea’ is to have Gloops and Burford and his sister, (I can’t remember her name), back in The Star and also Iris the weather girl, please.

Peter Malcolm

by email