Mandaric inquiry ‘a disgrace’ - McKay

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MILLIONAIRE South Yorkshire football agent Willie McKay has criticised the ‘scandalous’ police inquiry into Sheffield Wednesday chairman Milan Mandaric and Spurs boss Harry Redknapp who were cleared of tax evasion.

Mr McKay, who owns a house and horse racing stables at Bawtry, near Doncaster, described Mr Mandaric as a ‘gentleman who has saved three clubs from extinction’ and paid his ‘fair share’ to the taxman.

The agent, who was himself arrested and cleared of any wrongdoing by the City of London Police in 2007 - which he described as the ‘lowest point in my life’, has called for an inquiry into the way police have investigated alleged football corruption.

“The case against Mandaric and Redknapp would never have been heard if it was against any other business, such as building companies. It should never have come to court,” Mr McKay said.

“Mandaric is a gentleman, if you’d met him, you’d understand. He’s a guy who has saved three clubs from extinction. He’s been good for Sheffield Wednesday but whether or not he’s going to continue after this, who knows?

“You could not meet nicer guys than Harry Redknapp, Milan Mandaric and Peter Storrie. It was a disgrace. Scandalous.”

Mr McKay added: “It takes a couple of minutes to give you a bad name unfairly - then 20 years for you to get rid of it.”