Manchester terror attack victim Kelly Brewster had "everything any young woman would want"

Kelly and Phoebe
Kelly and Phoebe
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Kelly Brewster, the Sheffield woman killed in the Manchester terror attack on Monday, had "everything any young woman would want", her closest friends have said.

The 32-year-old was tragically killed after attending an Ariana Grande concert with her sister Claire Booth and 12-year-old niece Hollie.

Kelly heroically shielded Hollie from the suicide bomber's blast before her partner Ian Winslow confirmed that she had died on Facebook.

Chantelle Garrity and Rachel Ward worked with Kelly at a health insurance firm in Sheffield.

The pair comforted each other at a memorial for the 22 Manchester victims at the Peace Gardens on Thursday.

Asked how she felt, Miss Garrity said: "I'm angry. I think that's why I'm not letting it settle in yet. It's not real.

"I feel a bit guilty sometimes that people are asking about how I am but Kelly's not here. It's not about me, it's about her family. I still can't believe it."

Miss Garrity said: "She was just always happy. She had a boyfriend she loved, a stepdaughter. They were buying a house, they were moving house, they wanted to have a baby.

"Everything that any young woman would want, she had. She was only young."

Miss Ward said: "She was such a fun-loving, caring person. She got so much out of life. She was always wanting to be having fun."

She said she last saw her friend on Friday when she was looking forward to the concert in Manchester.

Miss Ward said: "We just feel numb. We just can't believe what's happened. She'd got her whole life ahead of her."

Kelly and Ian had recently put a deposit down on a new home and were planning to start a family.

They were in the process of buying a four bedroom detached house for themselves, Ian's daughter Phoebe, aged seven, from a previous relationship, and for the baby they were trying for.

In an emotional interview with The Star, he admitted that he "just wants to hold her and kiss her again."