Manchester terror attack: Security stepped up at sports and entertainment venues across Sheffield

Security measures have been stepped up at major sports and entertainment venues across Sheffield including gyms, ice rinks and concert venues in the wake of the Manchester terror attacks.
Sheffield Arena.Sheffield Arena.
Sheffield Arena.

Sheffield International Venues said it has 'reviewed security arrangements' across all of it's 17 venues across the city and further afield to include bag searches in some cases.

Sheffield Arena introduced bag searches for thousands of fans visiting to watch Take That last night and tonight. In addition, visitors will not be allowed to go outside to smoke.

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A spokesperson for the arena said: "All customers will be searched/wanded before they are allowed access to the venue. Please keep items you bring with you to an absolute minimum. No items larger than a small handbag will be allowed in the venue.

Take That performing.Take That performing.
Take That performing.

"In order to assist with the additional searches the doors will now open at 6pm, please arrive as close to this time as possible. There will be no access to the venue car parks or queuing allowed at the venue until 2pm on the day of the show."

In a statement following the Manchester bombing, which killed 22 people, Take That said: "Our thoughts and prayers are with you all."

There will also be full bag searches at Sheffield City Hall and a ban on water bottles larger than 500ml. This will be in place for the Bravado: A Tribute to Rush show on Thursday evening.

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A spokesperson for the city hall said: "Due to the increased national threat level, Sheffield City Hall will immediately institute full bag searches for all events. Drinks or liquids will no longer be permitted in the venue, with the exclusion of sealed bottles of water no larger than 500ml."

Mark Owen on stage.Mark Owen on stage.
Mark Owen on stage.

They added concert goers are advised to "keep any personal belongings you bring into the venue to a minimum" and to expect "additional queues and delays when entering the venue."

Bag searches have also been introduced at sports venues, including Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

One parent who attended with his daughter at the weekend said: "There was quite a long queue and everyone's bag was being searched. But to be honest people seemed to be in favour of it given what has happened."

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SIV runs eight sports centres and five golf clubs across the city, in addition to Sheffield Arena and Sheffield City Hall. The organisation also manages Whitby Pavilion and Scarborough Spa on the east coast.

Take That on stage.Take That on stage.
Take That on stage.

In a statement on their website, they said: "Following the tragic events this week in Manchester, we have reviewed our security arrangements and procedures across all SIV venues.

"As we operate many of the city’s key venues, we are in regular liaison with officers from the government’s anti-terrorism unit as well as South Yorkshire Police to ensure we are constantly up to date with current security levels.

"Key members of our venues teams have security industry authority training and qualifications, providing our teams with regular support and guidance.

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"We already use a variety of security procedures across our venues, but we have implemented an increase in the frequency and number of these. We use a variety of methods including specially trained security staff, bag searches and restrictions on the number of entry points into our buildings.

"We promise to minimise any undue delays and inconvenience, but appreciate your support, cooperation and patience at the present time."