Man who has been burgling Sheffield homes for 25 years is jailed again

A former drug addict who has spent more than two decades burgling Sheffield homes is back behind bars.

Shane Daley, jailed for burglary
Shane Daley, jailed for burglary

Shane Daley, aged 42, was disturbed by the returning occupant after he broke into a house on Lismore Road, Meersbrook.

Owner Martin Young heard a noise upstairs and, fearing a burglar, went to his shed, armed himself with an axe and shouted a warning.

He then heard a thud outside and found Daley trying to hide before there was a confrontation during which Daley escaped. Police were called and a carrier bag in which Daley intended to carry off his loot was found underneath a smashed window.

Daley’s DNA was later found on it, Neil Coxon, prosecuting, told Sheffield Crown Court. Daley, of Raeburn Road, Gleadless Valley, has 37 convictions for 71 offences including eight previous house burglaries.

His first break-in was in 1991 and the most recent in February, 2013 for which he received a four-year jail term.

He was released in February last year on licence which had another ten months to run when he committed his latest burglary.

Mr Young said the break-in had left him and his mother with whom he lives feeling insecure.

“I’m worried about this happening again. I was scared throughout the incident,” he said in a statement.

Richard Adams, defending, said Daley had been using Class A drugs for years but after his release on licence got a job working for an M&S distribution depot.

It kept him away from his former lifestyle but he was arrested by the police for a matter which was not pursued and he missed his shift and lost his job. Throughout this period he tested negative for drugs but the ‘untimely’ death of his 29-year-old younger brother had a considerable impact on him.

He had run into financial problems and been drinking cans of beer before deciding to burgle the house at Meersbrook.

Recorder David Osborne jailed Daley, who had admitted burglary, for three years.