Man smashed on the head by GLASS bottle thrown at 'unsafe' Dev Green fan zone

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A man was left needing urgent medical attention after he was hit by a glass bottle at the Dev Green fan park.

Thousands of fans packed onto Sheffield's Devonshire Green to watch England take on Croatia in the World Cup semi final.

Man received medical attention at Dev Green fan zone

Man received medical attention at Dev Green fan zone

Lord Mayor of Sheffield Magid Magid revealed plans for the fan zone after England's victory over Sweden, including a 46 metre screen.

Sheffield City Council said that the fan zone would be open at 5.30pm and that they were expecting around 6,000 fans to attend.

Fans were allowed to bring their own food and drink to the event, including beer, but the council said there would be a 'zero tolerance' approach to any glass.

Fans began arriving at the fan zone as early as 4pm before the live stream started about an hour later.

Flares were set off in the crowd as fans belted out 'Three Lions' and a Gareth Southgate inspired version of Atomic Kitten's 'Whole Again'.

Beer cans were continually thrown before and during the game and fans reported seeing a glass bottle thrown into the crowd just before half-time.

As fans began to disperse following England's defeat in extra time, one fan was struck on the head by a glass bottle.

Medics and security raced to the injured man as concerned supporters offered their help.

Fans have hit out on Twitter over the lack of security at the event and at fellow supporters for throwing glass bottles.

Will Quince tweeted: "Glass bottle straight to back of head tonight in dev green tell you what it was horrendous in there."

Rachel tweeted: "Dev green was awesome just a shame the ******** had to throw glass bottles around! The amount of people who’s night was spoilt after getting hit by one!"

Tom Yarrow tweeted: "Don’t have people checking on dev green and it was inevitable someone was gonna take a glass bottle to the head..."

Jon tweeted: "@sheffcouncil Applaud the idea on dev green, but stewards and policing an absolute a joke. Numerous full cans of booze smashed my head and those around me. Also saw several flying glass bottles."

The council stated that plastic glasses would be provided where possible and local bars were also encouraged to 'play their part'; again using plastic glasses.

A council spokesperson said: "The event will be treated the same as any other licensed event and a full safety plan will be implemented which includes stewarding, First Aid and toilets, in consultation with South Yorkshire Police.

"A minority of individuals decided to try to spoil the evening by throwing cans last night on Devonshire Green where the event was enjoyed by more than 8,000 proud fans and was a huge success.

"There was a small number of first aid issues reported with the majority being for over indulgence in alcohol and one where a person collapsed which was drug induced, thankfully the stewards and first aiders reacted extremely fast and prevented the incident becoming more serious.

"As with all our events we will carry out a review with Police and other partners and pick up any issues for future planning.

"We want to thank everyone who came who not only put Sheffield back on football's map, but especially those who without prompting volunteered to tidy up afterwards showing real pride in the national team and the city."