Man smashed into Sheffield teenager’s parked car – then left fake number and drove off

A driver smashed into a Sheffield teenager’s parked car before leaving a note saying ‘sorry’ alongside a fake phone number.

Thursday, 7th February 2019, 11:17 am
Updated Thursday, 7th February 2019, 17:16 pm
Sheffield teenager's written off car

Lorraine Denton said her 18-year-old son was sitting his mock A level exams on Tuesday morning with his car parked on Aughton Road. 

However, when he returned, he found that his car had been heavily damaged with the front bumber destroyed and the right wing-mirror smashed off. 

Sheffield teenager's written off car

Eye-witnesses told the teenager that the driver got out of his car following the crash and left a note on his windscreen. 

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The residents went to get the man’s license plate but, as they approached the driver, saw him speed away from the scene. 

His dad, Richard, said that the silver Volkswagen was his son’s first car and that he had only passed his driving test six months previously. 

He said: “He had only left his car there for a couple of hours before someone told him there had been an accident, which is putting it very mildly indeed.

Sheffield teenager's written off car

“Someone has smashed into the the side of it and it’s going to be a write-off. 

“Apparently the driver got out the car and left a note with his phone number on it. But it’s obviously a fake as it’s one number short. 

“He hasn’t left his name or insurance details so we think it’s all smoke and mirrors. He left the note to make it look like he was doing the right thing but it was all just a lie.”

Richard said that the family paid around £5,000 for the car six months ago, as well almost £2,000 in insurance. 

However, he explained that if the culprit is not found, then the teenager will be held responsible for the crash and they will lose ‘thousands of pounds’.

“This has really made me lose faith in people. He’s obviously thought ‘if they can’t find me then neither of our insurance premiums will go up’ but that’s not the case,” Richard said.

“My lad is 18-years-old and has only been driving for six months and now this has happened. He’s absolutely devastated.

“Through no fault of his own he’s lost his car and is going to be massively out of pocket. It’s such a horrendous thing for someone to do.”

The family are now appealing for any witnesses or dashcam footage from the scene to help the police in their investigation.

Posting on Facebook, Lorraine wrote: “This is what happens when your 18 and at school sitting your mock A level exams.

My son parked his car at 8.30 this morning on Aughton Road outside Aston Leisure Centre and it was hit by a driver who left a note to say “sorry” and an incorrect phone number and no name. 

“Witnesses confirmed he was driving a white and green van with a roller shutter door and some sort of racking attached to/protruding from the side of the van which we assume is the cause of this damage. 

“This person has broken the law by leaving the scene of an accident and the police are aware.

“Appealing for any witnesses, dashcam footage or cctv at 9.50 am. It has been mentioned that this vehicle may be local to the area.

“Any information appreciated, thanks.”

Contact police on 101 with any information.