Man’s shock at discovering body of stab victim

Murder victim Zabihullah Rafiq.
Murder victim Zabihullah Rafiq.
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A MAN who discovered the lifeless body of a fatally stabbed takeaway worker felt ‘shocked’ and frantically searched for signs of life when he stumbled upon the horrific scene, a court heard.

Zabihullah Rafiq, aged 30, was found by Daniel Murray lying on his back in a pool of blood outside his flat on Callow Mount, Gleadless.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Mr Murray tried to resuscitate Mr Rafiq but was prevented from doing so by the amount of blood.

Two Afghan asylum seekers, 20-year-old Hassan Mar-uf and his accomplice Shaffiq Habibi, 30 are accused of carrying out the attack.

Maruf, of Hampton Road, Fir Vale, admits manslaughter but denies murder, while Habibi, of Spring Walk, Rotherham, is believed to have fled to his home country.

Mr Rafiq, a married dad-of-one, was knifed when he arrived home from a shift at Pizza Pronto, on Glossop Road, just before 4am.

In a statement, Mr Murray said he was walking towards Blackstock Road, when he saw Mr Rafiq on the ground.

“He was laid on his back with both arms outstretched and both legs parted.

“All his clothes appeared to be covered in blood.

“I was shocked and froze for moment.”

“The lady told me to do mouth-to-mouth, but I just couldn’t physically do it because there was so much blood.”

The trial continues.