Man rescued after driving 4x4 off snowy Snake Pass into peat bog 80 metres from road

A man who drove his 4x4 into a peat bog 80 metres off Snake Pass was rescued by volunteers, along with another man who was ‘stranded’ for five hours.

Monday, 7th December 2020, 3:20 pm

Late on Friday afternoon (December 4) Glossop Mountain Rescue Team checked stranded vehicles in heavy snow fall on the Woodhead B6105 and the A57 section of the Snake road.

Team members carried out searches of vehicles that had been stranded on the snow covered routes, in addition to advising many drivers still attempting to navigate the closed road to turn around.

Among a few empty vehicles, rescuers found a vehicle which mistakenly been driven off the road at the Snake summit and sank deep into the peat approximately 80 meters from the roadside.

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A 4x4 was driven off the side of Snake Pass into a peat bog 80 metres from the road.

The driver had accidentally driven up the Pennine Way track thinking it was the road.

They also found a man in a vehicle where he’d been stranded for more than five hours with no heating or sustenance.

All occupants were driven to safety.

The MRT carried out operations on Woodhead Pass and Snake's Pass.