Man punched and kicked to ground outside bar

convicted - Daniel Cunningham
convicted - Daniel Cunningham
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Surgeons had to operate to rebuild a man’s shattered arm when he was attacked by a vicious thug while smoking outside a South Yorkshire bar.

Victim Michael White was punched and kicked while on the ground after he and a friend objected when Daniel Cunningham made an offensive comment about a woman they were out with.

Doncaster Royal Infirmary doctors said the injuries Mr White suffered - a double fracture of the arm - were consistent with him being stamped upon and CCTV footage played in court appeared to show Cunningham jumping on him as he fled from the scene of the attack.

After running away from police officers the 21-year-old climbed onto a roof and used his phone to summon reinforcements to rescue him.

But after waiting nearly two hours for help from his mates, he was forced to admit defeat when no-one turned up. He sheepishly climbed down from his perch to have the handcuffs slipped on.

Cunningham, of St Mary’s Road, Wheatley, pleaded guilty to wounding and assault causing actual bodily harm, and was sentenced to two-and-a-half years in prison.

The incident blew up at the rear of Aruba in Silver Street where Cunningham was celebrating the christening of his first baby.

Michael Upson, prosecuting, said Mr White and a friend were having a cigarette when two men got talking to them and one made a nasty comment about a woman they were with.

When Mr White protested he and his friend were both punched in the face by Cunningham and the other man, and they were knocked to the ground.

The court was shown CCTV footage of them also being kicked and, as Cunningham ran away towards Frances Street, he appeared to stamp on Mr White’s arm.

After being taken to hospital he was diagnosed with a deformed left arm caused by a fracture of both bones in his forearm and they had to be plated and screwed back together, with consequent nerve problems, said Mr Upson.

In the meantime Cunningham and the other man had run towards Nether Hall Road.

Police arrested the other man but Cunningham climbed onto the roof of a garage and was heard to use his phone, saying: “The bizzies have got me, get as many as you can.”

But an hour and three-quarters later he was forced to give himself up when no reinforcements arrived.

He made no comment in police interviews. His record showed previous convictions for robberies, assault, intimidation, and resisting arrest.

Defence counsel Guy Wyatt said Cunningham was only young but acknowledged he had a dreadful record.

He was celebrating the christening of his young child at the time and had since shown contrition.

“He doesn’t realise he has an alcohol problem, all his offending history is related to that, and now he says he’s going to seek help on his release,” he added.

Judge Peter Kelson, QC, told Cunningham he had an “absolutely appalling” record.

“You have so many convictions for violence on your record that you plainly have an aggressive disposition. This was altogether a grave matter, it was a kicking, and the broken arm was a result of that.”

The other man alleged to have been involved in the assault has skipped bail and will be tried in his absence in July.