Man ‘pulled knife’ and verbally abused teenage girl in wheelchair at Sheffield ASDA

A man ‘pulled a knife’ on a teenager in a wheelchair while calling her a ‘slut’ as she was being pushed through an ASDA supermarket in Sheffield.

Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 08:38 am
Updated Wednesday, 27th February 2019, 08:42 am
Man armed with knife in ASDA

Liberty Brown, aged 16, was being pushed around ASDA in Handsworth on Thursday evening by her friend while suffering intense pain from a kidney infection and a knee injury. 

As she was being wheeled through the supermarket, a man walked past her and began repeatedly verbally abusing her. 

Man armed with knife in ASDA

When the pair confronted the man he threw an object at their face before ‘pulling a knife’ from his pocket. 

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Footage of the incident shows one of the women running away as the man throws and then kicks the object at her before brandishing the object.

The 16-year-old said: “My friend was pushing me in a wheelchair that we had asked for off the staff because I had a bad knee, and kidney infection so bad pain in side.

“This man walked past us and repeatedly called us a slut after aiming it at me because of my stomach showing.

“My friend was pushing me towards this man to ask why he was name calling us and he had a disturbing look on his face so I got out and ran as I could.

“He then pulled a pocket knife out as can be seen on the video and began to come towards me and my two friends.

“He shouted he was going to murder us “b*******” and then sped up his walking holding the knife saying he was going to kill us.

“I was genuinely so scared and the look on his face was disgusting. Security came up and the man was told to leave.”

A spokesperson for South Yorkshire Police said: “We were called to ASDA on Handsworth Road, Sheffield just before 1am on the 22 February to reports of a man allegedly threatening a group of girls with a knife.

“Officers attended, but the man had already left the store. Officers have reviewed CCTV from inside the store and it is believed the man did not have a knife. Enquiries are continuing to try and locate the man and establish the circumstances surrounding the incident.”

Call 101 with information about the incident.