Man planned his suicide in hotel

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A DONCASTER man planned his suicide by booking into a town centre hotel and killing himself.

Graham Dickens was found dead the next morning when police checked his room on the third floor of the Premier Inn in High Fishergate, an inquest was told.

The 46-year-old had earlier had a series of agitated phone calls with his partner, Dawn Mallett, from the banks of a fishing lake, about a financial issue which was causing concern.

Mr Dickens, a former doorman, told his fishing mate not to take him home but asked to be dropped off in the town centre. He made his way to the Premier Inn that evening after buying a blade from a DIY shop.

He booked a room, paid for it in cash and was not seen alive again.

When PC Jonathan Wigley used a spare key to gain access to the room on the morning of November 21 last year he found Mr Dickens was already dead, with evidence that he had been drinking. He had used a knife blade to inflict a fatal cut to his arm.

His medical history showed previous suicide attempts and treatment for mental illness and alcoholism, although he was not prescribed medication at the time of his death.

Ms Mallett, who lived with him in Linden Grove, Edlington, said she was not aware of any financial problems until she opened a letter from the Department for Work and Pensions on the day he went fishing.

The letter made it clear he was not entitled to a larger loan from the social fund because of an outstanding debt.

She rang Mr Dickens. She said he started “acting strange”, and said it must be a mistake.

She said: “We had several conversations about it and he said he’d see me in the next life. That was the last thing he said to me. He’d never said anything like that before. I was really mad because I thought it was just emotional blackmail.”

Recording a verdict of suicide, Deputy Coroner Fred Curtis said Mr Dickens had also been troubled by his father’s death and a problem with a memorial for him.

“There was no note to give a clear indication but there is a background of upset and distress in his final words to his partner,” he said.

“There is a clear plan to go to the hotel, take with him knife blades, and undertake an act of self-harm that would result in his death and that indicated there was an intention to take his own life.”