Man manages to track down stolen mobile

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a MAN whose mobile phone was stolen in Sheffield managed to track it down using an anti-theft piece of software.

Richard Kay’s £400 Samsung Galaxy was taken in a burglary at his girlfriend’s home in Walkley.

But he managed to trace it using a programme he’d installed on the device – which also let him take photographs of the suspect and monitor its location using GPS satellite technology.

Thousands of people followed his mission as he posted updates on an online forum.

Police attended the address he had found and recovered the phone, which was returned to him.

The 21-year-old man caught with it said he had bought it for £75 from someone in the street – and was given a caution for handling stolen goods.

Police said they could not pursue the original burglary because of a lack of evidence.

Mr Kay, aged 30, said: “It was quite exciting actually.

“The phone kept going on and offline and when it was online it just felt like ‘Go, go, go’! It felt brilliant to get it back.”

Mr Kay praised police in posts on computer site Overclockers UK. He tracked his phone using the Cereberus anti-theft programme, with other forum users helping with the search. Later posts on the forum said his girlfriend’s stolen bag had also been handed in to the police.