Man jailed for threats to mother’s neighbours

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A man has been jailed for a third time for breaching a ban on setting foot near his mother’s Sheffield home or threatening neighbours.

Philip Proverbs, aged 39, of no fixed abode, was sentenced to another 24 weeks in prison by Judge Graham Robinson at Sheffield County Court.

The court heard Proverbs had received two smaller prison sentences and one suspended term for earlier breaches of the injunction.

Proverbs was made subject of the injunction in September 2012 that ordered him not to visit his mother, Pauline Acton, at her council house on Hucklow Road, Firth Park.

One of Mrs Acton’s neighbours had also been granted a restraining order against Proverbs due to his threatening and abusive behaviour towards her and her daughter.

His latest breach of the injunction involved Proverbs entering the exclusion area, causing a nuisance and entering his mother’s home in May, the court heard.

Judge Robinson gave Proverbs a sentence of 12 weeks in prison for the offence as well as activating the previous suspended sentence of 12 weeks.

Meanwhile, an anti-social tenant who shouted, swore and made threats to kill neighbours has been evicted by Sheffield Council.

The authority was granted a possession order at Sheffield County Court by Judge Robinson against Brian Stead, aged 63, of Crowder Close, Longley.

The court heard Crowder had also set fire to a fence separating his garden from his neighbours’ as well as throwing and aiming fireworks towards neighbours and their property.

While living at the property, Stead was convicted for affray, making nuisance calls to the police and harassment.

Stead was ordered to pay Sheffield Council costs of £244.50.