Man headbutted postie in letter row

Jailed: Karl Bradley has been given 15 months for headbutting a postman then wielding an axe at a workman who tried to intervene.
Jailed: Karl Bradley has been given 15 months for headbutting a postman then wielding an axe at a workman who tried to intervene.
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A THUG headbutted a postman who refused to hand over a giro cheque before delivering it to his house – then wielded an axe at a workman who tried to intervene, a court heard.

Karl Bradley, aged 40, of Lingfoot Crescent, Jordanthorpe, Sheffield, attacked postman Gary Elder on nearby Lingfoot Place, after warning him: “Don’t mess with me – you don’t know who you’re dealing with.”

Sheffield Crown Court heard Bradley then produced a foot-long axe from his jacket, waving it at a workman who attempted to stop the violence.

Bradley, who was locked up for 15 months, later tested positive for cocaine and heroin, and had previous convictions for possessing knives and offensive weapons.

Zaiban Alam, prosecuting, said Mr Elder was on his rounds at around 1.30pm on August 19 last year when Bradley approached him and asked him whether he had any post for his address.

Ms Alam said: “Mr Elder replied that he hadn’t got that far on his rounds, and it was his first time in the area

“The defendant said he would probably be another hour and a half before he reached his address and said ‘I really need that letter’, then walked away.”

Mr Elder carried on delivering post, and was leaving a block of flats when Bradley approached him again, telling him: ‘You’ve got to help me out – otherwise I’m going to prison and it will be your fault’.

“Mr Elder replied that he wasn’t able to give out letters to people on the street,” Ms Alam said.

“The defendant followed him, blocking his path. His manner was aggressive. He said to Mr Elder: ‘Don’t mess with me, you don’t know who you’re dealing with’.”

Bradley then headbutted the postman, striking him on his right temple, the court heard.

“He felt pain, and was shocked,” Ms Alam added. “The postman acquiesced to the defendant’s demands and said he could have his letter.”

The workman, who was on a job nearby, saw the incident and told Bradley to leave the postman alone.

Ms Alam said: “The defendant told him to mind his own business. The workman was undeterred with this response, and said ‘Leave him alone – I’ve got my drill’.”

Bradley then produced the axe, which was a foot long with a six-inch blade, and wielded it at the workman. Meanwhile, the postman escaped and called the police.

The court heard Bradley made no comment in interview and the weapon has never been recovered.

James Baird, defending, said: “It’s only really in his late 30s that he’s ever left his mother’s home and began to live an independent life. It appears while living at Lingfoot Crescent he has on occasions had problems actually receiving his giro.

“His post was later than normal, he saw the postman and decided to retrieve his cheque quickly.”

Judge Alan Goldsack QC said the attack was a frightening incident, adding: “The postman was a public servant doing his job. He’s entitled not to be treated the way you treated him.”

Bradley admitted affray and was jailed for 15 months, minus 36 days already spent in custody.

He had been remanded on a bench warrant after failing to attend a previous court appearance.