Man caught by police dog after driving despite being disqualified four times

The seized car in Kendray. Photo: @SYPOpsSupport
The seized car in Kendray. Photo: @SYPOpsSupport
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A man who has been disqualified from driving four times was found driving without a licence - ending with a chase on foot in which he was caught by a police dog.

A pursuit in Kendray, Barnsley, of the driver of a blue saloon car ended when the man dediced to go on foot, and was caught by South Yorkshire Police’s dog Harvey.

The driver was arrested and was found to have been disqualified four times and had no insurance.

A police spokesman said: “Pursuit in Kendray. Went off road and gave it legs, but couldn’t outrun PD Harvey. Driver arrested. Already disqualified four times, and no insurance. Excellent teamwork.”