Man broke neighbour’s ribs in drink-fuelled row

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A DRUNK viciously attacked his neighbour - punching and kicking him.

Stanley Peat set upon 44-year-old Steven Blanksby at flats where they lived on Derby Street, Heeley, Sheffield.

A drunken Peat grabbed Mr Blanksby around his throat and pinned him up against a wall, before pushing him to the floor and assaulting him.

Sheffield Crown Court heard Peat became violent after asking his friend to let him into the flats, as he could not get his key in the door.

Elizabeth Martin, prosecuting, said Peat had been celebrating his 49th birthday on Monday, October 3, when he rang the intercom at Mr Blanksby’s first-floor flat at about 9.50pm.

She said: “Mr Blanksby went downstairs to let Peat in. There were a few words spoken by Peat, but they were so slurred Mr Blanksby could not make them out.”

Peat then grabbed Mr Blanksby and pushed him against the entrance hall wall.

Ms Martin said: “Mr Blanksby tried to push him off, but Peat pushed him over.”

The court heard Peat punched his victim about seven times in the face and kicked him 10 times in the chest. He only stopped when a neighbour intervened.

Ms Martin said: “Peat made threats that if anyone phoned the police he would burn their houses down.”

Mr Blanksby suffered two broken ribs and bruising on his arms and around his eyes.

In a statement, he said: “I’m upset. I thought he was a mate - he treated me like this because he was drunk.”

Peat, who has previous convictions for causing actual bodily harm and assaulting police officers, admitted causing grievous bodily harm.

Judith Seabourne, for Peat, said it was a ‘sustained assault’, but said: “Thankfully, the injuries were not of the most serious nature.”

Sentencing was adjourned for reports, but judge Mr Justice David Foskett warned Peat the case ‘merited jail’.