Man ‘beaten to death’

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A MAN beat his neighbour to death in a “sustained and vicious” attack at the block of flats they shared in Sheffield, a court heard.

Steven Green, aged 38, is accused of punching and kicking 62-year-old Ronald Harding until he was “bloody and senseless” on the second floor landing of the complex on Skelton Way, Woodhouse.

He then dragged Mr Harding back into his own flat to die, Sheffield Crown Court heard.

Green told police the attack was sparked after the pair argued in The Royal pub in Woodhouse,

He said he returned to Skelton Way and smashed Ronald’s door with a Hoover before assaulting him.

Green admitted he had hit his neighbour “no end of times”.

He admits manslaughter on the grounds of diminished responsibility but denies a charge of murder.

Paul Watson QC, prosecuting, said the two men lived opposite one another and had been on friendly terms.

Mr Watson told jurors Ronald, a former engineer originally from Dundee, had been drinking in The Royal for most of the afternoon on November 5 last year. Green came into the pub at around 4pm.

He said the pair talked at the bar before Green left an hour later.

“While the two men had been in the pub there had clearly been some kind of argument,” Mr Watson said, adding that Ronald left at 6.20pm.

Witnesses at the flats said they heard raised voices and a door banging.

Mr Watson said Green’s friend, Kevin Truelove, found him cleaning blood from the landing stairs.

“Mr Green said, ‘Mention any word of this and I’m going to kill you’,” Mr Watson added.

Green later told Kevin he had really hurt Ronald and “might have killed him”, the court heard.

Mr Watson said Green then called 999.

In interview, Green said Ronald “embarrassed” him at The Royal by telling the barmaid he found her attractive.

He said Ronald banged on his door when he discovered the damage he had caused with the Hoover.

He said he hit his neighbour repeatedly as he “had a smirk on his face”.

“The attack was sustained and vicious. He was beaten until he was bloody and senseless,” Mr Watson said.

“When Mr Green finished he dragged his injured and dying body into Mr Harding’s flat.”

Ronald suffered multiple injuries, including three skull fractures, broken ribs and an acute brain haemorrhage.

Green suffers from recurrent depressive disorder and had a “traumatic and difficult childhood,” jurors heard.

The trial continues.