Man accused of killing Sheffield doctor remains in hospital with gunshot wounds

Dr Richard Field
Dr Richard Field
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A man accused of murdering a Sheffield doctor and his fiancee is in hospital receiving treatment for three gunshot wounds.

Bampumim Teixeira, aged 30, who allegedly killed Dr Richard Field, 49 and Lina Bonalos, 38, by slitting their throats, was shot when police officers arrested him at the penthouse apartment where the doctors' bodies were found on Friday night.

Officers arrived after Dr Field, who graduated from the University of Sheffield's Medical School in 1999, sent a text to a friend saying there was a 'gunman' in his home.

They shot Teixeira in his hand, abdomen and leg during his arrest.

He was taken to hospital, where he remains today.

Suffolk County District Attorney, Daniel Conley, said: "Bampumim Teixeira was arraigned in his hospital bed at Tufts Medical Center, where he is being treated for gunshot wounds sustained during his encounter with Boston Police as they responded to an urgent call for an intruder armed with a gun at the victims’ Dorchester Avenue residence."

He said Boston Police received a call from the front desk of the apartment complex where the doctors lived alerting officers to a 'serious situation' with a gunman in an apartment.

DA Conley said officers found a set of keys on the floor outside the door of the victims’ 11th floor penthouse.

He added: "The officers entered to perform a protective sweep of the darkened residence and soon encountered an unknown person - later identified as Teixeira - wearing dark clothing.

"Believing this person either pointed or fired a weapon at them, two officers discharged their own weapons and struck him in the hand, abdomen, and leg. The officers provided first aid to Teixeira outside the apartment, where he allegedly stated that another person would open fire on the officers if they went back inside.

"Teixeira was transported to the hospital and a Boston Police entry team was called to the scene. They secured the residence and found both Bolanos and Field deceased, having suffered obvious trauma.

"Inside the apartment, investigators found a black backpack full of jewelry, as well as a replica firearm and at least one knife."

He said that Teixeira is being held over the two murder charges and for breaching the terms of his probation following his release from prison after serving nine months for two bank robberies.