Make your voice heard today whatever it may be

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Have your say

It was disappointing to read a letter in the paper the other day written by someone who for the first time intends to not vote in today’s election, however genuine their reasons may be for doing so.

It’s a worrying trend that people are apathetic about politicians and politics in general.

The BBC Question the Leaders broadcast from last week showed clearly more than ever, how sceptical people are of anything a politician says.

Yes, politicians have done much to contribute to their own reputation but even with a trend of mistrust, you cannot buck it by sitting back and doing absolutely nothing.

Refusing to vote means an endorsement of the status quo.

When you do not vote you enhance the chances of a candidate you do not want to win.

Someone did say to me, that the reason they hadn’t voted for 20 plus years was because politicians don’t care – my question is why would or why should they care if they people don’t care enough to replace them.?

In a situation where people believe there’s little accountability from politicians to public, by not voting you erode more of that accountability.

If you are dissatisfied with your Member of Parliament, then surely the logical step is to try and vote them out when you get the chance to do so at election time.

If you don’t wish to support any of the candidates, then spoil your ballot – at least you’ve made your view – and your opinion will be on the record.

And for those who claim its a waste of time, the only votes wasted are the ones which aren’t cast.

If you make your mark, have your say, make your opinion known, whether it be to vote for a candidate or to spoil your ballot then you at least exercised your vote.

If you don’t then you don’t have the right to complain.

Make your voice, whatever it may be, heard today!

MJ Lowson