Make your minds up

Leeds got its act together on the HS2 station, made a unanimous decision about what it wanted, and got it.

By The Newsroom
Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 5:14 am
Updated Wednesday, 23rd March 2016, 5:17 am

In Sheffield we can’t make our minds up.

But as so often we are missing the point and missing the challenge.

Why are we arguing about either Meadowhall or the city centre?

Either one alone will be a second-best outcome, because both sites have their own advantages and disadvantages for different parts of our city region.

Surely we can reach a unanimous decision to demand what would give us a solution almost as good as Leeds has.

That is, an integrated transport hub at Meadowhall that will serve a very large part of the whole Sheffield city region, as well as a link from the main HS2 to a city centre station that will serve as an HS2 terminus.

For why should Leeds be the only terminus for the eastern HS2 branch?

Is there any reason why half the trains should not run between London and Sheffield via Meadowhall and the remainder directly to Sheffield centre?

Is there anyone in Sheffield who would not find this solution ideal?

And if this is the case, should we be asking for anything less?

Professor Philip Davies

by email