Make sure you don't fall for this familar Whatsapp scam which has reappeared

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Action Fraud have issued a warning over a Whatsapp scam targeting users of the messaging service.

Previously, users had to pay a fee of 99p a year to use the service, however, such a charge was scrapped in 2016.

A new scam however is targeting users who may not be aware of the change and asking users to pay 99p to continue their subscription.

The message reads: “Our records indicate that your WhatsApp trial service is exceeding the one-year period,” it reads.

“At the completion of your trial period your WhatsApp will no longer be able to send or receive message [sic]. To continue using WhatsApp without interuption [sic], we need you to subscribe for any of our subscription periods.”

The message then provides a link to a "customer portal" where an unwitting victim can provide their bank details.

Action Fraud says: ""Long term users of WhatsApp will remember paying a 0.99p annual fee to use the messaging service. In 2016, this was scrapped by Facebook who took over running of the company after buying it for £11.4bn.

"That means since 2016, the service has been free for every user.

"Whilst late adopters of the service might look at the email below and simply brush it off, long term users will remember paying and could quite easily think the app has gone back to its subscription model and get caught out.

"The emails claim your “subscription will be ending soon” and are after your banking information. We have been getting an increasing number of reports about them over the past couple of days."