‘Make Sheffield fairness report a reality’

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A VICAR has called for action to make the recommendations of the Sheffield Fairness Commission report a reality.

The report has been put together by 23 commissioners, drawn from across Sheffield’s population and including politicians, business people, religious and community representatives.

It recommends action to tackle the gap between rich and poor in lifestyle and life expectancy.

Rev Dr John Vincent, of the Urban Theology Unit based on Abbeyfield Road, Burngreave, said: “Based on my experience with them, and also 10 years on the Burngreave New Deal Partnership Board, I would like to suggest some priorities for action so this report will not go the way of previous ones and produce very little.”

Rev Vincent said Sheffield Council should set up Community Action Forums in areas to get residents involved.

He suggested council officers and employees live or work in the less well-off areas.

Rev Vincent said: “Immediately achievable items from the report should also be identified and implemented, such as a 20mph speed limit for all residential roads, expanded restorative justice programmes, and peer mentoring schemes.”