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Remember May 7? Election Day? When we went to the polling station, picked up two pieces of paper, one white, one coloured, and marked our cross? One for our MP and one for our local councillor.

What happened next?

Lots of Conservative MPs were elected (but not in Sheffield) and off they went to Parliament.

And what about our local councillors? I haven’t a clue what happened there.

Let’s look in the paper. They will have the local election results.

Only they didn’t.

I went to the Town Hall and asked for them.

The man on the inquiry desk was very helpful and printed out the results.

And as far as I can see that is the only way (outside the web) of finding who was elected to our council.

Can I just remind those of you who produce our one and only local newspaper that you are a vital piece of democracy (as the press has been for the past 200 years).

Our democratic system won’t work if you don’t do your bit.

Next time, please make room for real news.

Judy Hague

Cobden View Road Sheffield S10

Footnote: Thank you for your email about election results.

Our edition of May 9 provided a comprehensive round-up of the General and local election results.

Readers have been kind enough to send us letters praising it.

However, I note your concern about not printing in full the local election results.

This decision was one that we thought long and hard about.

I’m sorry if this disappointed you but we had to make a judgement based on time and resources.

We were obliged to cover the General Election in full and then provide the best round-up of local results.

We will review our coverage in the light of your letter and consider full local election coverage next time, as we will not have the General Election to deal with.

Thank you for your interest