Make most of staff’s goodwill

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BUSINESSES are always looking for ways to improve the efficiency of their workforce. And they regularly find that one of the best ways to achieve this is by ensuring the loyalty of those who work for them.

What better way to do this than by making the workers the owners of the business themselves?

That is the route taken by innovative Sheffield-based firm Gripple which has become completely owned by its 275 employees, 170 of whom work in this city.

They have all bought a stake in the company, which is world famous for the wire fasteners it pioneered and manufactures. And that means that their fortunes rest on the firm’s success.

This is a great way to reward and involve everyone in a business and it would be interesting to hear of other enterprises who are following this model.

When the economy is faced with so many pressures and pitfalls, this is a great way to harness the goodwill and determination of every member of a company’s workforce.

Big Spring Clean needs your help!

IT’S a dirty job. But, as they say, somebody has got to do it. So why not let it be you? That is the challenge being thrown down as the final call is made for people to join this year’s Big Spring Clean.

Together with Sheffield City Council, The Star has been busy over the last few weeks encouraging readers to roll up their sleeves and help to tidy up their communities.

As in previous years, we have been absolutely amazed at the response and enthusiasm with which people have become involved.

Volunteers have come from every age group and social background. And what is particularly heartening is the way everyone joined together to smile their way through the clean-up tasks.

As this year’s initiative begins its final push, why not step forward, roll up your sleeves and do your bit? Our communities look so much better after their annual Big Spring Clean.

Big-hearted society

THE Big Society needs big hearts. And nothing touches the heart strings more than the plight of sick children.

That’s why we’re sure a new venture being launched in Sheffield is destined for success, courtesy of people like you, our readers. This will see the launch of an emergency helicopter service dedicated to transferring newborn babies and young children between specialist hospital units. Sheffield has been chosen because of its central location, with equal access to 20 specialist units. This will be run as a charity and needs public support. But we are sure that the big-hearted people of South Yorkshire will lead the charge and be among the first to volunteer their support.