Make it happen for our Jess

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SHE did us proud, now we should return the compliment.

Jess Ennis was brilliant in the heptathlon, showing all her amazing attributes to capture a stunning gold.

Her deeds have earned her a place in Olympic history, now we should capture that in the city which shaped her.

The Jess Ennis Stadium sounds perfect. An amazing athlete, an amazing venue.

Now we want Star readers to back this campaign.

We know our golden girl will receive a rapturous welcome when she returns home. It would be perfect to round that off with a stadium named after her.

Jess make it happen.

Budget film joins the blockbusters

WHEN The Star reported two years ago that a zombie movie was being filmed in Penistone, few perhaps thought the project stood any real chance of significant success.

The budget was whatever two supermarket credit cards would stretch to, while the stars were locals who volunteered to be the living dead.

Yet Harold’s Going Stiff, the resulting film, has been winning recognition at festivals around the world ever since.

And now movie bible Total Film has made it one of their prestigious 50 must see films of the summer. No small achievement when you consider most of the list is made up by multi-million Hollywood blockbusters like The Dark Knight Rises.

It just proves, when it comes to film-making, South Yorkshire is no land of the dead.

Bank gets it right

BANKS take a lot of flak for failing to lend to small firms, so it is only fair that they are praised when they take the time to understand a business and have the courage to tailor their services to support its plans for growth.

HSBC has faced some tough – and justified – criticism recently, but its support for Mayfly Containers demonstrates how banks should be responding.

Mayfly is, in a lot of ways, typical of the region’s more successful manufacturers. It has found itself a niche in a competitive market, supplying growth sectors where customers are seeking a high quality, possibly bespoke products for use in challenging conditions.

Now, if all the banks could do as well, perhaps the economy might start to take off and their high flying chiefs might deserve their bonuses.