Make bankers pay and build more houses

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I AM absolutely sick and tired of listening to the same old rhetoric from the Con-Dem Party every time I open my newspaper or turn on TV.

Are we going to hear this for the next five years? You want to govern? Then get on with it.

I just wish that the opposition, especially the Shadow Cabinet, would remind them of the legacy this country was left by the Thatcher administration. Thousands of people thrown out of work when the east end of Sheffield was decimated by the closure of our famous steel industry.

Mining communities were destroyed and thousands more put out of work with the pit closure programme, yet there are still millions of tons of coal beneath us.

Then, there was the right to buy fiasco. Tenants were allowed to buy their council house at a give away price and not building more homes with the receipts from the sale, leaving a huge problem for poorer people who may not be able to buy a home.

We hear again of even more job losses coming. What utter hypocrisy from Westminster.

Make the bankers pay to clean up their mess, clamp down on those avoiding tax and start a massive social house-building project, thereby creating jobs.

Tony Downing, S20