Majority of Sheffield children get preferred primary school places

Jayne Ludlam who has just taken over as Childrens Director for Sheffield City CouncilJayne Ludlam who has just taken over as Childrens Director for Sheffield City Council
Jayne Ludlam who has just taken over as Childrens Director for Sheffield City Council
More than 97.5 per cent of children have been given their preferred choice of primary school in Sheffield.

City council figures show an increase in preferred place acceptances this year, up from 97 per cent in 2015, with 90.5 per cent being allocated their first choice.

The council provided 95 extra reception class places for children starting school in September.

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It is also commissioning more primary places as part of a new through school in the north east of Sheffield – an area where the demand for places has been highest – as well as a new secondary school in the south west on the Bannerdale Centre site.

The council is currently seeking sponsors for the new schools.

Executive director of children, young people and families Jayne Ludlam said: “I hope families are pleased with this news and that their children are excited about starting school in September.

“We’ve provided extra school places for children in Sheffield and there are more to come, to help us meet the needs of our growing population, I’m very pleased that, once again, this has resulted in thousands of children being given their preferred school.

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“Our priority is to keep raising attainment and achievement rates across the city. Getting into your preferred school and having outstanding local schools are key to this.”

In total 6,311 children, or 97.55 per cent, were put into one of their three preferred primary schools this year.

It follows the increase in the number of children being given a place at their chosen secondary school in Sheffield after figures were released in March.

A total of 5,826 children were allocated their first choice this year. Last year 5,583 children, or 89.69 per cent, were given their first choice.

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Children who were not allocated any of their three preferences have either been referred to their catchment school or been allocated the nearest primary school with places available.

Information and advice is available for anyone not satisfied with the school they have been allocated.

Parents also have the right to appeal. Appeals take place in June and July.

More information is available at

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