Majority of Sheffield bus services operating normally following bad weather conditions

Buses on Sheffield's High Street
Buses on Sheffield's High Street
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Most bus services across Sheffield are now operating normally following an improvement in weather conditions.

Snow and ice had caused disruption across the region over the past week but operator First has said normal service has now resumed on the majority of routes.

The current position of First services is as follows:

19 - Operating City - Chesterfield Road - Abbey Lane - Bocking Lane - Meadowhead (Where services aren’t scheduled to serve Chancet Wood, they will terminate at Abbey Lane)

20/20A - Running mostly normally, with the following alterations: City to Hemsworth; 20 - via Scarsdale Road, Norton Lees Lane, Warminster Road and as normal. Service 20A - normal. Southey Green to Hillsborough; 20 normal. Service 20A operating via Wordsworth Avenue onto Herries Road because of conditions on Donovan Road.

22 - Now normal route.

25A - Now operating normally.

35/36/37 - Buses on these services are running normally with the following exception - Omitting Standon Road. Remainder of route now back to normal.

38 - Now running normally.

42 - Buses have resumed serving Scowerdons, but will not serve Wickfield Road. Buses will run both directions on Dyke Vale Road and Silkstone Road.

44 - Now resumed fully.

47/48 - Normal operation.

51 - Buses now back to normal.

52 - Partial resumption of services to the Beever Hill area: towards Woodhouse, buses continue to use Retford Road and Furnace Lane. Towards Hillsborough, buses will use Badger Road & Beever Hill - but will not serve Ballifield.

53 - Normal operation.

56 - Route is now resumed.

69 - Normal operation.

70 - Buses now back to normal.

72 - Normal operation.

74 - Normal route.

75 - Now operating normally.

76 - Normal route in operation.

81 - Normal service in operation.

82 - Now running normally.

84 - Normal service, but omitting The Chase at Loxley.

85 - Normal service.

95 - Now running normally.

97/98 - Normal operation.

120 - Normal operation

272 - Normal operation

X5 - Normal operation

X78 - Normal operation.