Major step in justice battle

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AT last! Our campaign to seek justice for local teenager Matthew Cryer is finally moving in the right direction.

The biggest hurdle to this has been the response of the Greek police who have steadfastly ignored evidence that the youngster was ‘unlawfully killed’ while holidaying on the island of Zante.

That ruling comes from a British coroner who held an inquest into the death of Matthew, who died after being apparently hurled down a flight of stairs and left for dead at a nightclub.

Despite this, the Greek authorities continued to treat the case with apparent contempt. Their investigation was pitifully inadequate and was shamed by inquiries on behalf of the coroner.

However, things are changing and it has now been agreed to officially re-open the case in Greece.

We are encouraged by this development and know that Matthew’s distraught family will find some comfort from the news. They, after all, are seeking some kind of closure on the tragedy which has robbed them of a loved one.

Readers will now wait to see whether the Greek police are more thorough in their investigation this time around. We certainly hope so.

Powerful lesson for schoolchildren

CHILDREN are learning a practical lesson in energy conservation after a local firm teamed up with their schools to instal solar panels on the roof to generate electricity.

This is an initiative by Tankersley-based Nationwide Solar which has already fitted almost 1,000 panels to schools in the Rotherham area.

And the schools are now enjoying free day-time power as well as earning money from excess electricity generated by the panels.

This is a terrific initiative which benefits everyone, not least pupils who can see first-hand the benefits of solar power, even in a country like England which is not renown for its sunny weather.

We hope that other schools will pick up on this idea.

Run for a laugh

SHEFFIELD’S Half Marathon race, to be held next month, is certainly a major feature on the national running calendar with competitors heading for the city from all over the country to take part. In fact, the event is already a sellout and promises once more to be a fantastic event in Sheffield’s proud role as a leading city of sport.

But there is some good news for those who want to get in on the action without testing themselves to the limit. For a fun run taking part on the same day still has places available.

This is a great way to raise money for charity and we encourage anyone who fancies an entertaining way to exercise to enter the event. Go on. Have a laugh.