Main cause for concern on road

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I WOULD like to bring to the attention of the East Community Assembly, which proposes a 20mph limit in the Stradbroke Road area, that there are already 13 road narrowings and 13 humps along this road and a lane narrowing outside City School.

The scheme also includes an area where drivers have to move to the opposite side of the road on the approach to a blind hill. If this scheme were not in place I am sure the police would have no hesitation in fining a driver for due care and attention.

Parking by staff and parents outside City School is the main cause of concern. Here, motorists drive round a bend, trapped in the centre of the road hoping to meet no other traffic.

This is the main blackspot and could be relieved with parking restrictions. If the 20mph zone is introduced there will be no need for damaging road humps etc so I trust the assembly, who have not consulted all residents, will find the money to remove them?

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