Maggie’s spilt milk

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Love or loathe her politics, it’s undeniable Maggie Thatcher was a forerunner for today’s career mothers.

It never seemed her intention to be a role model; she showed little support for the woman in the street, or even the ones in her own cabinet, throughout her two decades as the only female leading a major Western democracy.

But even so, the fact that Britain had a woman in the power seat did encourage girls to grow up and be more than wives and mothers. As even Shirley Williams conceded.

How ironic, then, that the Iron Lady ended up deeply regretting putting career over family.

It’s come to light that as far back as 1995, she was confessing had she known what a price she would have to pay for her political success, she would never have set foot in the House of Commons. Her children and husband should have come first.

So, beneath the armour- plating lay a guilt complex honed not only from years of stereotypical conditioning but also from a mother’s instinctive urge to nurture.

She tried to turn it off, but couldn’t, and despite her phenomenal career success, lived a life of regret. Crying over spilt milk, some might say. Which kind of makes me warm to her.